Monday, January 9, 2012

Just a shout out.

Folks, civil rights are a big thing for me. Anyone who knows me knows that this is true. I am 100% for women's equality and for gay marriage and gay rights. I wanted to throw a shout out to some friends real quick. I know I promised that I wouldn't get all political and stuff, and I am not going to. But I urge you to check out these sites, as these ladies WILL get political. Very intelligent stuff.

First up is a blog by a friend named Grace (recently married, hells to the yeah!) and she writes very well, in my opinion. Top notch. is her blog. I highly recommend it.

Second is actually another site by Grace, as well as some other friends Jen, Ashlee and Jon (hit them up on twitter @_gtz_, @likeOMGitsFEDAY, @jaspirella, and @inklesspen, respectively). They started a site called Fat, Ugly, or Slutty ( The site is basically a way to call attention to the crap male gamers give to female gamers, simply because they are ladies. The concept is that the only reason ladies play video games is because A) they are fat, B) they are ugly or C) they are slutty and looking for attention. Prepare for some laughs, because some of it is crazy. But, really, it's pretty sad. Check it out, though. It really shows how sad som people are and how they choose the attack and belittle a gender because they can hide behind the internet.

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